Monday, July 16, 2012

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Nikon D5100 Deals 2012

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Its more than just a point a shoot duh! But u can use it as one and it develops into more than that when you're ready and I like that :) quality is there and I like the fact that it has da same sensor as a more relative the d7000...whatever that means lol quality's....recording a video is a breeze and overall I like it alot . I read a lot of reviews online and saw a lot of utube vids and I opted for this 1 instead of the T3I cuz of price AND quality but do your research keep reading reviews and looking at pics :) good shopping!

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Nikon D5100 coupon 2012

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cheap Nikon D5100 best price 2012

Cheap Nikon D5100 best price 2012

More feature than D7000 for half the price. Hdr feature and tilt disply moniter is very handy. The seen mode makes good pic easy and fast.

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